Forgive me as I yell at the Press Register. Deroy Murdock’s syndicated column (you can find it with Google, I’m not going to help) either provides talking points to conservative talk radio or takes marching orders from conservative talk radio and is carried in the Mobile newspaper this morning. In it, he misrepresents  an analysis of the current health care legislation done by the Health and Human Services Chief Actuary. A misrepresentation that is, oddly enough, consistent with Republican Leadership and Talk Radio News. Following is the ACTUAL conclusion:

  • 33 million more people would have REAL health care access (not just access to Emergency Departments if dying)
  • Medicare and Medicaid would probably COST LESS
  • Total health expenditures would increase transiently as more people get coverage
  • Long term care would probably cost more than estimated
  • The effect of comparative effectiveness research is unknown.

It’s just a lot easier to defend a deeply held belief if you are able to avoid facts, I guess.