As I alluded to previously, I was in the nation’s capitol as a part of the National Rural Health Association’s Policy Institute. Many advocacy organizations have such activities, bringing members in from throughout the country to discuss common issues with their members as a group. All 50 states were represented. We had three of us from the Alabama Rural Health Association and visited with the staffs of both of our Senators and 6 of 8 Representatives.

Although the political landscape is still uncertain, primary care (and more specifically family medicine) is on everyone’s mind. From the speakers to the staffers, there is an appreciation for what we do as a specialty and a concern that we will not accomplish sufficient change to enable family physicians to do their job as well as they should. Everyone expressed appreciation for “Family Docs”

The other striking thing is that all of the staffers were aware of the Patient Centered Medical Home and (although some were more convinced than others) were convinced of its potential value. It has been amazing to see how fast this concept has made its way into conversations about health care delivery.

I’ll have more later but if you still are unconvinced about the value of Family Docs, their commitment, and their abilities here’s something for you to look at…