In February 2009 President Obama made electronic health information a part of the American Recovery and Re-investment Act. Our Family Medicine group had been pushing the larger University Practice to purchase such a system for a little while (oh, about 15 years) so we have been anticipating this. Yesterday, we used the system in actual patient care for the first time. My observations are as follows:

1) Why is “go live” a noun, verb, and adjective?

2) Why do computer tech folks and donuts go so well together?

3) Who knows how many steps it takes to write a prescription? I do now and it is a lot.

4) When given a choice between the doctor-patient relationship and the doctor-computer relationship which will we choose?

5) You ever notice how when you rent a car, the clerk stares intently at the screen wondering how to ask you one of the more stupid questions imaginable just because it’s on a computer screen? I now know how those clerks feel…

6) Why not let the doctors decide if medical terms are misspelled instead of Mr Gates?

7) How many different ways can you tell someone “I’m sorry but we’re learning this new system and…”?