As I have to drive to Marietta Georgia to share a holiday meal with my extended family, I want to make myself feel better by believing there must be a good reason. It seems that there are many good reasons for us to drive 10 hours to do so as found here:

Eating together encourages communication (for good or for ill, I suppose)

Teenagers who eat with their families are less likely to smoke, engage in high-risk sexual activities, or illicit drugs (probably because mom and dad are at the table, making all of these activities immediately less enjoyable for the teenager)

Adolescent girls are less likely to have suicidal thoughts (and perhaps more likely to have homicidal thoughts regarding their parents)

In all seriousness, research done by Harvard University has followed the lives of many children who grew up in families who committed to family meal time. They found these children became better adjusted adults who were able to weather the stresses of adolescence thanks to the sense of protection that family meals provided.

So go out, sear some meat, and make some ice cream with a blood (or other) relative.

Happy Fourth.