The initial changes that are going to occur as a consequence of the Affordable Care Act (formerly known as the Patient Protection and Affordibility Act but I guess that title was too long) take effect tomorrow. If you want to follow this in-depth, Kaiser Family Foundation has an informative web site that contains a lot of detail. The Spark’s Notes version of what will change tomorrow is as follows:

–        Children can stay on their parents’ plans until they are 26, and those policies must be community rates

–        Many preventive services on any plans established after September 23 are now free, without any copayment.

–        Lifetime limits will end on benefit payouts.

–        Annual limits on benefit payouts increase and will eventually get phased out. Starting September 23, the annual limit will be a minimum of $750,000.

–        The pre-existing condition exclusion for children.

–        Insurance companies must report their “loss ratio” (the amount spent on actual care)

Let the games begin…