Finished writing and 3 HRSA Title VII grants to improve care delivery in Alabama submitted. I will leave you with a quote that was forwarded by Larry Green, one of the great thinkers of Family Medicine:

 “Primary care improves the health of populations, health care, and contains costs.  No study shows otherwise. The most important health policy issues facing Colorado and the US are to close unconscionable gaps in population health, improve the quality of health care, and contain costs  Primary care is not a feeder system.  It is the foundation of the most successful health care systems ever created, and it is weak and getting weaker in the US and Colorado, because of chronic neglect and starvation.  It’s really quite simple:  the better the primary care, the less money spent on medical care.  Now that we can’t borrow any more money, we have to figure out how to spend what money we do have for health care for better care and get attainable improvements in peoples’ health in a way we can afford.”