For those of you who read headlines off Google, the one that said 41% of Americans Obese by 2030 should have caught your eye. It did mine. Fortunately, in an odd coincidence, the Institute of Medicine has put out Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention, a document on what we as Americans can do to prevent becoming like the cruisers in Wall-E.

From their report, here are the actions we need to take:

Recommendation 1: Communities, transportation officials, community planners, health professionals, and governments should make promotion of physical activity a priority by substantially increasing access to places and opportunities for such activity.

Recommendation 2: Governments and decision makers in the business community/private sector should make a concerted effort to reduce unhealthy food and beverage options and substantially increase healthier food and beverage options at affordable, competitive prices.

Recommendation 3: Industry, educators, and governments should act quickly, aggressively, and in a sustained manner on many levels to transform the environment that surrounds Americans with messages about physical activity, food, and nutrition.

Recommendation 4: Health care and health service providers, employers, and insurers should increase the support structure for achieving better population health and obesity prevention.

Recommendation 5: Federal, state, and local government and education authorities, with support from parents, teachers, and the business community and the private sector, should make schools a focal point for obesity prevention.

Anyone up for a fight???