Medical school interview season is starting and I am trying to put together the tough questions I might ask these young, future doctors-to-be. The problem is how to determine kindness, compassion, empathy within a 30 minute timeframe. Interviewers tend to develop shortcuts and favorite questions to get at these important characteristics. Prospective interviewers, this year I suggest the Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness (ZAP) scoring scale:

The scale is on a -1  0 +1  scoring system as either too little or too much preparedness might be indicative of a problem. It covers the following domains:
1) Awareness of the potential of the Zombie Apocalypse
2) Mechanism available for immediate action
3) Plan for self removal from Zombie threat
4) Mechanism for meeting up with other intact humans to resume propagation of human race
5) Methods for determining Zombie composition to deter future Apocalypses
So, if you are interviewing for medical school, consider yourself forewarned.