We who are interested in primary care and health care delivery have been struggling for a while to package our message into a delivery vehicle that will capture the public’s imagination. We could have claimed M*A*S*H but, let’s face it, it was about surgeons and (though they were “general” surgeons) mostly war. St Elsewhere was clearly about the coolness of the hospital as was House. ER was about, well at least in the later years, extramarital relations more than medicine. Everyone in family medicine looks to Marcus Welby, MD but he only saw one patient an hour and likely went broke or into administration. Maybe this one will hit….from the Medical Education Futures Study newsletter:

Film is not a medium usually covered by this newsletter. Next week, however, Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Health Care will begin airing in theaters around the country and in special showings at a number of medical schools. It brings a new and dramatic perspective to the triple crises of health care access, cost, and quality that the United States is facing. It features a series of articulate voices addressing issues often covered by the Medical Education Futures Study in, admittedly, less dramatic fashion. Some of the players are well known (Institute for Healthcare Improvement founder and former CMS administrator Don Berwick and heath guru Andrew Weil) and some less known (primary care doctor Erin Martin and Army Sgt. Robert Yates) which adds a commonality and depth to maddeningly persistent problems explored by the film. This span of protagonists makes the issues more tangible and, one hopes, more easily understood by a public that knows things aren’t good but doesn’t know who to believe about remedies. Escape Fire is about remedies.

The film and its message are powerful. It is well worth the trip beyond the Cineplexs to the local theaters and hospital amphitheaters where it will be shown. Go early, go often, bring a friend, and post your opinions.

It will be previewed on September 19th at over 50 medical schools across the nation, none in Alabama. Perhaps I will contact them and ask for a viewing here? Would you buy a ticket?