From an answer to a prospective Ohio voter’s question, yesterday:

ROMNEY: Actually, we had health care in America before Obamacare came along. And we still have health care in America…Each of us today in America has a choice of the type of health care plan we might choose. People who are poor are able to get Medicaid, which is a government support effort for those who can’t afford to have insurance. And these things aren’t going to disappear without Obamacare.

From Alabama’s Medicaid eligibility requirements for adults without a known disability:

[Eligible are] low income families with at least one child under 19 living in the home who meet the eligibility requirements in the state’s AFDC plan in effect on July 16, 1996

In Alabama, low income is about $9,000.

In Alabama if you have an income of $0 or higher, no disability, and have no children under 19 in the household, you are not eligible under current rules.