I was asked to mount my horse and take a poke at the Alabama ObamaCare opponents in our statewide newspaper chain (found here). My arguments were: a) there is a law b) it is a legal law in the opinion of the Supreme Court, and c) though not perfect it resolves many longstanding problems. Not earth-shattering but not uniformly well received in Alabama.

On the other hand, not uniformly poorly received either. I received many congratulatory e-mails from both folks I know and those I don’t know. The most touching was from a person who I don’t know. She thanks me and wants me to reiterate that the old system was broken. From her e-mail:

From my personal experience over the past few years, I embrace a national health care plan. In 2001 my ex-husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. It was advanced, and he almost died. We were “covered” by an individual health care plan that routinely denied claims for follow up health care and tests (e.g., nine months from the date of his colon resection, a colonoscopy claim was denied – deemed “routine exam” by our insurer). Meanwhile, the monthly insurance premium rates skyrocketed – we were getting an adjustment every six months. When our 2-person premium with an annual deduction of $2,500 each reached an amount of more than $1,700 per month, we dropped the insurance. We simply couldn’t pay it any longer, plus pay all the medical bills that the insurer denied. I shopped extensively for insurance – no one would insure him.

After a year or so of flying without a net, I was able to enroll us in a Blue Cross “open enrollment” program that they occasionally offer. Of course, it didn’t cover any pre-existing conditions for the first 12 months. Still, I felt incredibly lucky to stumble across the opportunity.

Also in her e-mail is a request for me to remind folks that preventive care is important and is covered as well…