Got this in my e-mail yesterday –

I refuse to raise my BP by stating all the abuses I see and have seen by those who are gladly using my tax dollars.  My family and plenty of other tax payers freely give large amounts of money and time to help those who are less fortunate, and we definitely need to help those who are truly in need.  It would be nice if just once, Libs like yourself would write about how we can move people off of Medicaid or at the least prevent having to use as much taxpayer money for 100% preventable medical expenses. How about some personal responsibility?  I’ve read several of your opinions,  can you just once write about how we can prevent the growth of our entitlement system and those who think they are entitled to free services? Like you said, these services are not free, the rest of us are paying for them and ourselves, and many of us are sick of paying and paying.

How about it, guys, any ideas?