Got an e-mail form a friend of a friend who asked if I had any information on the health exchanges. Seems she is unhappy with her current high cost coverage and was excited that she might be able to make a purchase on the exchanges. This being Alabama, there not only are no state-run exchanges but the state agencies are apparently being told to provide no information other than “Call Obama if you want free healthcare.” When she asked a friend who is in healthcare, she was told that to get Obamacare she was going to have to give up her guns and no, she had no information other than that.

I referred her to an article about exchanges in Alabama (found here) which says that we’ll do OK but was curious about the gun thing. Apparently, President Obama is, some strongly believe, sending storm troopers into our homes to collect our guns (deeply held belief found here). The storm troopers will be disguised as mild manner social workers, nurses, and other community workers. The purpose, according to the web site:

Home visiting, under MIECHV, is a primary service delivery strategy (excluding programs with infrequent or supplemental home visiting). It is offered on a voluntary basis to pregnant women, expectant fathers, or parents and primary caregivers of children, birth to kindergarten entry. Home visits target one or more of the benchmark and participant outcomes in the ACA legislation, including:

  • Improved in maternal, infant, and child health;
  • prevention of child injuries, child abuse, or maltreatment, and reduction of emergency department visits;
  • improvement in school readiness and child academic achievement;
  • improvement in parenting skills;
  • reduction in crime or domestic violence;
  • improvements in family economic self-sufficiency; and
  • improvements in the coordination and referrals for other community resources and supports.

The MIECHV program is one of several service strategies embedded in a complete, high quality early childhood system that promotes maternal, infant, and early childhood health and development that relies on the best available research evidence to inform and guide practice.

Having had a patient who killed her child after giving me sufficient warning to call DHR and only to be told that nothing could be done until the child was harmed, I think this is a great thing. Then again, I’ve got nothing to hide….