Another study published, this time by the Alabama Hospital Association (story found here) about the anticipated effect of the Medicaid expansion on the economy of our state (positive by 30,000 jobs) and the Governor’s “not-quite-no” response

“Reforming Medicaid is a long-term process. Our focus is making sure we have an efficient, well-managed system,” Bentley Communications Director Jeremy King said.

I just hope that the governor doesn’t read the comments to the article and believe them to be representative of the citizens of Alabama. The belief continues to be that those who are poor and currently uninsured are “lazy” (far from the truth, most are working several minimum wage jobs), the money is from China (China owns 8.1% of US debt, and so what if it does), the people with “funny sounding names” won’t make healthy choices so why give them health care (does celery not sell in minority neighborhoods?), and the state doesn’t need these jobs anyway, only high paying jobs like Airbus brings (so, Airbus would locate in an area with NO healthcare?)

I would ask to institute a policy where people use their real name. Then maybe the governor would see that these are really not Alabamians but outside agitators and would move more quickly to creating “an efficient, well managed” Medicaid system.