Two very good pieces on the Obama LIED meme and why it isn’t true. The first from Michael Kinsley pointing out that people were at best delusional in thinking that they could get coverage that had no pre-existing condition, no policy limits, and no rescission for less than the bad policies cost. As he points out

Whether it’s “you can keep your own doctor” or “you can keep your own insurance policy,” Hillarycare faltered and Obamacare is faltering because people are dishonest to themselves about change. They say they want it—they express outrage that they don’t have it—but when they’re threatened with it, they curl up into a ball and tell it to go away. They don’t want things to stay vaguely the same, and maybe a little better—which is what Obama probably thought he was saying. They want everything exactly the same.

Dean Baker in Salon has pointed out that many of the “losers” actually purchased policies after the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Insurance companies apparently issued them knowing full well they could get away with taking money for folks who would have a pre-exist and limits then cancel at the end of 2013. He also points out that some high risk policies are going away because, well, community rating makes Obamacare more appealing. He speculates that protecting these policies likely isn’t really what the Republicans want to point out

If Obama’s pledge was understood as ensuring that every plan that was in existence in 2010 would remain in existence, then it would imply a complete federal takeover of the insurance industry.

Bet that wouldn’t come up for a vote. he goes on to say

On closer inspection, the claim that President Obama lied in saying that people could keep their insurance looks like another Fox News special. In the only way that the pledge could be interpreted as being meaningful, the pledge is true. The ACA does not eliminate plans that were in existence at the time the bill was approved.

If we want to play Fox News, President Obama also promised people they could keep their doctor. Since 2010 tens of thousands of doctors have retired or even died. Guess the pledge that people could keep their doctor was yet another lie from the Obama administration.

We report, you decide…