BagleyRevolution-1No, [Medicaid] is for the worthless that won’t work! Almost anyone working will be making to much to qualify!

Quote from USMC1956 in response in to yet another request for Governor Bentley to accept the Medicaid expansion

Dear Mr. USMC,

As someone who has also served on a Marine base (Marine Corp Base Hawaii during the first Desert Storm) I feel that we have a common bond. I presume we both wore the uniform and pledged to defend our country’s constitution from enemies foreign and domestic and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same. I see from your posts that you served for 8 years. I also see that you seek health care at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Montgomery, a service you doubtless feel entitled to as a consequence of your 8 years of service.

Interestingly, you seem to be under the mistaken impression that prior military service entitles Americans to subsidized health care in this country but not much else. You loudly state your opinion (relatively freely) that your fellow country men and women in Alabama who are uninsured should not be entitled to the same access to health care that you have.

Let me tell you a little about your fellow citizens in Alabama that you so vocally want to deny access to affordable health care (information from Kaiser Family Foundation, hope you accept this source):

Of the 660,000 Alabamians who were uninsured prior to January 1, 2014

  • 198,000 are getting tax credits to make access affordable
  • 107,000 were eligible for Medicaid ANYWAY and now are going to be enrolled
  • 191,000 make too little money to be eligible for tax credits but are unable to get Medicaid because they make too much money
    • If they have children and make over about $4,000 but less than $23,000
    • If they have no children but make over $1 but less than $12,000

This would mean a mother working full time as a contract housekeeper, for example, in Alabama would make too much for Medicaid but too little for subsidized healthcare. True, when her diabetes got so bad she went into a coma she could then go to the Emergency Room (assuming there was a hospital in her community still open) and be treated, but she would still have to pay her medical bills.

I don’t know about you, USMC, but I took the officer oath. The next line of mine was  “I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me.” Congress passed a law, the president signed it, and the Supreme Court upheld it. The same place in the constitution that allows my government to give you free health care allows congress to give it to the people to clean houses as well.