About two weeks ago I wrote a response to a “study” done by at Koch Brothers, err, Troy University that misused numbers to identify Medicaid as an evil the likes of which have not been known since the Great Flood. The only reason I knew about this study was that Scott Beulier, the author, has a “column” on al.com where he is, as part of his “academic” responsibilities, allowed to spew forth “information” and then hope that others don’t try to untangle the half-truths and mis-statements that would never be allowed to appear in peer-reviewed academia.

I was glad to see that I’m not the only one who is taken on the task of reviewing his “work” on Mediciad. Alabama Political Reporter looked into his “assumptions” (found here) and came to the same conclusions that I did. I will say though, that I went looking before “Dr.” Beulier let the cat out of the bag by saying, “We just relax a few of the assumptions made in their studies.” He is being too modest. He actually made two assumptions and supported them with his NEW “study”:

Assumption #1 – Since Medicaid is bad, any information that identifies it as good is inherently biased:

From the “study” – The media coverage has been primarily centered around two economic impact studies commissioned by the Alabama Hospital Association: …This paper seeks to examine the assumptions, models, and conclusions of the two studies.

From the Alabama Political Reporter – “Alabama Political reporter has confirmed that the Alabama Hospital Association did not commission or in any way fund the initial University of Alabama at Birmingham study, according to Danne Howard, a senior official with the group.”

Assumption #2 – There are no unbiased facts –

Despite this, the Troy University study – which purports to more accurately assess assumptions – inaccurately assumes the worst of its Alabama public four university brethren, and Troy Professor Beaulier continues to assert emphatically that there is likely political or financial incentive for the UAB and UA studies’ conclusions about Medicaid expansion the the Yellowhammer state – no matter how true that may or may not be.

What did happen to peer review? I would accept even cursory review.