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I am heading to Denver to help my friend John Meigs run for President-Elect of the American Academy of Family Physicians. John is an impressive gentleman and has been active in  trying to bring healthcare to all Alabamians. As he so eloquently states:

The premise of family medicine is centered in the value that an ongoing continuous relationship with a trusted family physician brings to an individual and his or her community.  The promise of family medicine is patient centered care that recognizes the value of the individual as well as the benefits to the larger community of true primary care with effective preventive care and chronic disease management.  This makes us the specialty with the potential to reach the underserved and hopefully make a difference in overcoming the barriers and social determinants of health that affect way too many people in a country as prosperous as ours.  The payoff is the triple aim we talk about of better care of higher quality leading to better health.

He will be an outstanding leader for our organization and will help to further our efforts to bring high end primary care to the American public..

John and the Academy by the numbers

120,900 – the number of physicians and students represented by our academy

4891 – the number of people in the town of Brent, Alabama, where John is from and still lives.

2778  – the number of people in Centreville, Alabama, where John practices.

160 – the number of days John is going to have to give up to the cause if he wins

33 – the number of years John has been in practice

26 – the number of years John has been involved with organized medicine

25 – the number of beds at Bibb County Hospital, where John practices

3 – the number of candidates for president-elect

1 – Last quote

At the heart of primary care is the idea that patients should have an ongoing relationship with a family physician they know and trust. I have that kind of relationship with my patients because I’ve lived here most of my life, and I’ve practiced medicine here for more than 30 years.

If you are a delegate, please consider voting for John. Thank you for your support!