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Dr Robert Bentley has won the Republican nomination for governor for the state of Alabama. Congratulations to him and his staff for running an outstanding race. As I am a one issue voter and you may be also, I will post the information regarding healthcare for Dr Bentley and Mr Sparks from their websites: First Mr Sparks:

Medicaid is the nation’s largest payer of long-term care services, funding approximately 50% of all long-term care spending and nearly two-thirds of all nursing home residents.

The next Governor of Alabama must deal with a horrific impending financial crisis that will have a major effect on our seniors, children, and other at-risk populations.  Our Medicaid program is designed to meet the needs of our people but a very real Medicaid disaster lurks in the very near future.

This essential program is currently being propped up by federal stimulus funds.  When those funds run out, Alabama will be left with an unimaginable hole in one of its most critical programs.

Today, more than 817,000 Alabamians are enrolled in Medicaid – that’s 17% of the state’s population. Medicaid enrollment increased by nearly 50,000 people in the past two years.  This jump in enrollment comes at a time when state revenue collections in support of Medicaid are falling drastically.

I am the only candidate running for Governor with any plan to deal with the looming financial disaster facing our state and our most vulnerable citizens.

The 2010 Alabama state Medicaid budget is $4.9 billion.  Of that total amount, Alabama is responsible for approximately $1.1 billion. The General Fund allocates only $308 million of that $1.1 billion, leaving a $700 million hole to be filled by federal stimulus money.

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