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I was sent an e-mail regarding one of my previous posts and included was a copy of an address given by one of my former professors, Dr Charles Dunlap, at Tulane’s Ivy Day in 1975. While the scientific knowledge changes, much remains the same. For example:

Among the standards required of a physician few are more basic than integrity and simple honesty. In ordinary business dealings, each purchaser of goods or services is assumed to have sufficient knowledge of the game to safeguard his own interests. In medicine, the rules are different. Each patient puts himself, naked, alone, and helpless, into the hands of the physician. In this transaction, the sole security the patient has is simple faith in the integrity and competence of the physician.

In another part of the essay he points out that rituals are a large part of what we do. As you participate in the ritual of Thanksgiving, consider this quote Edmund Burke, also found in the essay:

Human beings participate in the accumulated experiences of their innumerable forefathers; very little is totally forgotten. Only a small part is formalized in literature and deliberate instruction; the greater part remains embedded in instinct, common custom, and ancient usage.

Happy Thanksgiving